Technologies used in vudo

Here are technologies that I will be using to build Vudo. To maximize my learning effort, I have selected either popular technologies that I’m not good at like react, redux or up and coming technologies like graphql, serverless.


API backend

GraphQL API running on AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and other AWS technologies. My goal is to make it insanely cheap to host this API therefore Lambda and DynamoDB make perfect sense because their free tiers are more than enough for a light traffic site and best of all, they don’t expire after one year

Web frontend

React web application hosted on S3, accessed via cloudfront. Again, I don’t want to pay for hosting so S3 is a good option. Most of the cost will probably come from traffic & request since storing html & javascript file won’t cost as much

Mobile application

React native. Since I already developed a web frontend on React, using React Native for iOS and Android is the way to go. I think the ability to reuse code more than make up for potential shortcoming

That’s it for now. Stay tune for the introduction article with a walkthrough of the initial setup

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