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Notes on influence by Robert Cialdini

I have had Influence by Robert Cialdini on Kindle for a long time but only managed to finish its audio version recently. It was a fairly long listen that last about 10 hours. The narration is superb which makes for a particularly enjoyable listen Summary The book goes over 5 influence tactics that are based […]

02/18/2018 – First marathon

While training for a marathon, I was often told that crossing the finish line is one of the best feeling you can have. It was. But it was much more than just happiness. It’s also gratefulness from seeing my friends from Dosh along the route and Nguyen, Hon, Linh, Mon and Geoff at the finish […]

From zero to production-ready React app

What is a production-ready react app? This is the first tutorial as a result of me developing Vudo. This article will go through setting up the most production-ready react app that simply says Hello world. This article will not go into much detail about react itself but more about all the tooling and process to go […]

Technologies used in vudo

Here are technologies that I will be using to build Vudo. To maximize my learning effort, I have selected either popular technologies that I’m not good at like react, redux or up and coming technologies like graphql, serverless.   API backend GraphQL API running on AWS Lambda, DynamoDB and other AWS technologies. My goal is […]

Producing avro-encoded Kafka messages in Python

This post will go into detail how we interact with Kafka using Python while enforcing schema. It will start by introducing you to schema, acritical concepts working with Kafka that developers new to Kafka often overlook. Producing messages that conforms to a schema and decoding them can be frustrating to get right so I hope this […]

Kafka gotchas, out of order, delivery schematic … oh my!

In my first post, I’ve shown how simple Kafka is. Nevertheless, to be fast, durable and scalable, Kafka has made some design choices whose implications can be difficult for beginners to understand. This post aims to overview some kafka gotchas that I have come across and my approach in solving them