trung vu

Trung Vu

Full stack software developer

Email: info at dtrung dot com
Resume available upon request


Trung Vu is a software professional with a decade of experience ranging from building scalable and performant backend services to developing single page application in latest JS frameworks.

Currently he is a senior software engineer at Dosh where he builds massively scalable microservice architecture using AWS Lambda and serverless technology. Technology stack includes Node, Lambda, Serverless, GraphQL, Kinesis and RDS, etc…

From Jan 2016 to Oct 2017, he was a tech lead at Snap Kitchen where he architected and developed backend system in Python, flask, PostgreSQL and Kafka. He also designed, implemented and brought to production Snap Kitchen first data pipeline using Apache Kafka to move large amount of data between systems. The technology platform allow Snap Kitchen grow its digital avenue from $0 to $7 million run rate 6 month after launching its first iOS app

From April 2013 to December 2015, Trung Vu was a tech lead at The Zebra where he developed and lead development of all of its projects including the insurance estimate comparison backend, its SPA front end client, back office system and a mobile web application. Technologies used includes Python, Django, Celery, React, KnockoutJS, etc…

Prior to The Zebra, Trung Vu held a full time position as Software Developer II at HomeAway Inc in User Management System where he designed and implemented Single Sign On system for HomeAway and its 17 websites. Technologies used includes Java, Spring Framework, MyBatis, Maven, etc…

Trung Vu received a bachelor and master degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin


11/2017 – Now

Senior Software Developer @ Dosh

Architected and implemented Dosh’s effort in rewriting a large part of its beta product into a scalable, resilient and stable micro-service running on AWS Lambda. Instituted best practices in developing production ready micro-services including:

  1. Linting with ESLint
  2. Unit and integration tests with Jest
  3. Secured configuration with AWS Parameter Store that support at rest & in transits encryption
  4. CI/CD with CircleCI
  5. Performance monitoring and logging

Created a Yeoman generator that allow Dosh developer to create new services with best practices consistently in 5 minutes from hours.

Wrote plugin for Serverless framework to manage database migration during continuous deployment which prevents developers from running manual and error-prone migrations

1/2016 – 10/2017

Tech lead @ Snap Kitchen

Architect and develop API from the ground up providing e-commerce and personalization for iOS and web client using Python, Flask, Docker and AWS

Research and implement data streaming platform that reliably and scalably move data between widely different systems ranging from Point-of-sale software, PostgreSQL to Excel files.

Act as Quality engineer and set up automation solution with Runscope to functionally test the API periodically and upon each deploy

4/2013 – 1/2016

Technical Lead @ The Zebra

Led the development of The Zebra mobile website, a single page app optimized for mobile conversion using React and Flux. The redesign app increase conversion by 100%

Led a team of 4 developers to develop internal rating application. Cut time per lead from 30 minutes to 5 minutes.

Architected and developed Estimate API that retrieve and index estimates from 3rd party provider [Python, Django, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Javascript, Knockout, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ, AWS]


Founder @ Job Board Cloud

Developed social network Javascript plugins to help job board users find company insider connections within their LinkedIn network. [Javascript, Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL]

Provided the software as a SaaS solution for job boards. Customers include one of the largest healthcare job boards in the country


Programming Languages


Web Development


Data Science

NumPy, Pandas and SciKit Learn



The University of Texas at Austin

BS and MS in Computer Science


Machine Learning Nanodegree


Machine Learning – Stanford

Data Science Specialization – Johns Hopkins

Social Media