Notes on influence by Robert Cialdini

I have had Influence by Robert Cialdini on Kindle for a long time but only managed to finish its audio version recently. It was a fairly long listen that last about 10 hours. The narration is superb which makes for a particularly enjoyable listen


The book goes over 5 influence tactics that are based on human psychology. What amazing is that these tactics are extremely effective yet because they tap into human psychology, they can work their magic without being detected by their victims

The different influence strategies are:

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Deploying our production-ready React app to S3

In part 1, we have set up a simple react app with all the components that you typically find in a high quality, production-ready react app such as unit test, git pre-commit hooks, flow type, etc… All that is left is to deploy our app and set up a robust continuous integration / deploy system. One of the main design goal for vudo app is to only pay for hosting when the app is being used, therefore we’ll use S3 to host our app and cloudfront CDN to make it fast.


  1. Sign up for AWS account. Get IAM access key & secret key. For detail instructions, see
  2. Download aws-cli and configure authentication,

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